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Prepare to unlock your makeup potential with our comprehensive curriculum, spanning Personal Use Makeup 101 techniques, Bridal Makeup Artist Business covering application skills, working with brides, work from home,set up your bridal business, and Advanced Professional Pro Media Makeup Courses—all at an unprecedented value. Pro Media covers product and equipment, photographic, macro beauty, fashion, film & television, special effects, prosthetics, hair and wig styling, period makeup, theatre, working as a freelancer. This online diploma-equivalent course offers industry insights and strategies to secure work.

Receive expert guidance, personalised attention, and continuous support throughout your learning journey, all conveniently online. Learn at your own pace, complemented by career assistance and networking opportunities aimed at transforming your passion into a successful makeup career.
With my extensive industry experience, having owned one of Sydney's leading Makeup Schools, I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. I am dedicated to providing top-tier education and ensuring your satisfaction. Join our specialised courses and immerse yourself in the world of makeup artistry with confidence.
Led by Carmelle, a seasoned professional with two decades of expertise across various sectors, including Personal Use, Bridal and Wedding Parties, to working onset in TV, on magazine fashion shoots, on Theatre productions, Ive learnt the hard way to get work in the industry, but I want to show you how to do it, taking years off you getting there, with a clearly marked out strategy, to creating prosthetics and SPFX for film. As an award-winning educator, Carmelle brings unparalleled knowledge and a passion for nurturing the next generation of makeup artists.

Perfect Your Expertise: Embrace Makeup 101, Excel as a Bridal Artist, or Master Pro Media Makeup Skills.Makeup 101Personal Use Course:

Uncover Your Beauty Potential: Explore Your Unique Eye and Face Shapes in our Personal Use Makeup Course. Learn to master natural looks and transform them into captivating nighttime party styles. Delve into the art of seamless blending for that flawless finish, while discovering how to enhance lashes and define eyes using expert liner techniques. Elevate your confidence by mastering personalised makeup that enhances your unique features, making you look and feel your best for every occasion.

Bridal Makeup Course: Join our 8-Week Course: From mastering application techniques to diverse styles, and expert blending for that flawless, professional touch. Dive into the world of bridal makeup intricacies and explore how to kickstart your career as a bridal artist. Whether you're a new stay-at-home mum seeking a career from home or someone looking for a fresh career opportunity, our online course, designed for your pace, might just be your perfect fit.

Professional Media Makeup - 12 Week Course: Embark on a 12-week journey covering an extensive array of makeup realms, including beauty, macro, fashion, film, television, theatre, SPFX, prosthetics, wigs, and more. Uncover the art of designing diverse looks while learning to thrive in the entertainment industry as a professional makeup artist.Unlock your makeup artistry potential with this comprehensive courses, meticulously designed to nurture beginners and challenge seasoned artists alike. Carmelle an Award winning Professional Makeup Artist, Instructor provides personalised attention, ensuring valuable feedback and guidance throughout your learning journey.Experience the future of education through our online courses, enabling engaging, interactive communication, with courses tailored to your pace and schedule. Our ongoing career support, inclusive of job seeking assistance, what you need to do to get the job you want, networking opportunities, growing your freelance business will empower you to transform your makeup passion into a flourishing career.