Foundation Brush FOUNDangel

Foundation Brush FOUNDangel
Calling Makeup lovers, sometimes I wear foundation and other times Idk...
This Flat Surface Blending Brush is a unique,
Ergonomical Smooth Flat Head Brush for quick, effortless application.
FOUNDangel ™ is a modern multi-function, two-in one brush.
You're gonna love it!
Not only is it a foundation brush, it's specially designed to increase
face-lifting lymphatic drainage, with light pressure it not only give's a
sheer finish that perfects your tone, it massages and relaxes the skin.
This amazing massaging effect, wakes you up in the morning,
you'll want to to jump out of bed, wash your face and drain your puffy eyes,
all the while you think it's simply applying your daily makeup.
Stabilise your Mood.
- Look Good - Feel Good -
Feel fabulous all day.
Use for skin prep to primer, foundation, cream contour & blush.
The Double Action Lymphatic Blender with deluxe
high grade vegan hair, densely packed to assist in
the perfect application & amazing massaging sensation.
Apply foundation or creams using the flat side of the brush on a 90 degree angle to the face, with slightly more pressure run the brush under the eyes, down the sides of the neck for sensational, noticeable lymphatic drainage, releasing any  puffy buildup. all the while diffusing and softening your foundation.
This brush head and handle has no ferrule
(the silver part of the brush that hold the hair)yet
still provides a comfortable, ergonomic and superior application.
- Dual action application
- Massage & uplift facial muscles
- Quickly applies to the coverage area, less time of application
- Uniquely designed with high grade vegan hair
- Use flat side of the brush for flawless blended application
- 100% cruelty free and hypoallergenic
- No Ferrule premium matte black easy to clean handle
Ergonomically designed to provide better control during duel action of product application & facial massage.
Whether you are a makeup artist or a makeup novice, FOUNDangel Brush
is your new secret weapon!